About Us

Not all working hours fit the normal 9-5 schedule. There are many of us who work afternoon and midnight shifts, weekends, out of town, and 12 hour days or longer. With non-standard hours, it can be especially hard to go out with friends or family, or even go out with co-workers after a long day’s work. One of the more popular ways to unwind after work, is getting together with friends or co-workers for some happy hour drinks at a few local watering holes. Those off normal hours make that extremely difficult or nearly impossible.

YourBarcard is aiming to change that. By offering subscribers happy hour at any time, it doesn’t matter the day, your work schedule, or your life schedule, you can always get your happy hour from the bars in network.

Starting in New York City, we want to grow the network to reach across the country.  If you need to fly from N.Y. to L.A. on a business trip, we want you to have your happy hour and discounts there too. Chicago and Dallas? Same. Seattle to Miami, you got it. For your one subscription price, we want to give you a continually growing number of places where you can get your happy hour, at any hour.

The bars within our network are just as important to us as our users and subscribers are. We enter into partnerships with them, so as we grow, they grow too. Each of our bars has something unique to offer, whether it’s a signature drink, live music, or special events. We are always striving to make it easier for our users and subscribers to find these cool places and events, while expanding the reach and visibility of the bars within the network.

YourBarcard, is not just for the working person, but of course for everyone (21 and older). Everyone has their place, their drink, and their way of going out at night. Share that unique you with the added benefits from YourBarcard, and experience what the bars in our network have to offer you.

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