Welcome to YourBarcard

YourBarcard is a bar discount subscription based service starting in NYC. You will receive happy hour or happy hour comparable pricing at any bar within our network, at any time. Want to get happy hour at 11pm on a Friday, you got it! It's 2am Sunday morning? Happy hour. No matter when you go you will always receive your discount! It's Happy Hour, At Any Hour.

How It Works

1. Create a YourBarcard account.

2. Ready for drinks? Open a tab and show YourBarcard to the bartender.

3. Ready to go? Close out your tab and YourBarcard discount will be applied.

Sign up for our e-mail list, and be the first to know when YourBarcard launches!

YourBarcard Network

Check out our network to find where and what deals you get with YourBarcard discount. You never know when you will find your next bingo or karaoke night spot, or maybe try a new signature drink!

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